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   jaku on March 22nd 2018 @ 2:00pm

Whoa... an update? Yes!

While this site might not have been the success we were hoping it to be, we are still working on it. While many things work, there are features we never got to implement and build into the site. I'm not sure if we will ever get to those features since the demand doesn't really be there. However, we are currently working with the 0% clear group.

What this means is we have re-started our importing level scripts and will continue to reach out and attempt to gather stats on every level. This will make it easier for the 0% clear group to find levels that have never been cleared. We will be adding some sorting options and additional flagging options for levels to help with their list as well.

If you're intrested in helping or have any suggestions/ideas feel free to reach out to me (jaku) and we can have a chat!

   jaku on August 5th 2016 @ 7:45pm

Races are here! These are still in early stage of testing, however we feel they are ready to open to the public. Some things to note, in order to compete in a race you must have both your Twitch account and Mario Maker Bookmark linked. Without this you will be unable to join the race.

Race creators will not currently be able to compete in their own races. We will allow this in the future but for this release you will not be able to enter. If you wish to compete in your own race, we suggest you create a secondary account to create the race. Creators of races do not need to link Twitch or provide bookmark cookies.

The timer for races is 100% client side. Meaning if you manually refresh the page, it will no longer be acurate. The server is handling actual start/end times and is acurate but we have not synced those yet.

Races cannot be joined after the race has started unless you previously were entered. Entrants can join a race after it has started but their start time will be the same as everyone that joined on time. However once a race has been ended by the race creator, you will not be able to update your status and your status will reflect that.

Bugs and problems will occur during this testing. If you do not see the correct controls during the race, try to refresh the page to get things back in synced. If you still have issues or want to report other bugs found, please use the Discord server and post in the bugs channel.

Thank you and enjoy!