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   jaku on August 5th 2016 @ 7:45pm

Races are here! These are still in early stage of testing, however we feel they are ready to open to the public. Some things to note, in order to compete in a race you must have both your Twitch account and Mario Maker Bookmark linked. Without this you will be unable to join the race.

Race creators will not currently be able to compete in their own races. We will allow this in the future but for this release you will not be able to enter. If you wish to compete in your own race, we suggest you create a secondary account to create the race. Creators of races do not need to link Twitch or provide bookmark cookies.

The timer for races is 100% client side. Meaning if you manually refresh the page, it will no longer be acurate. The server is handling actual start/end times and is acurate but we have not synced those yet.

Races cannot be joined after the race has started unless you previously were entered. Entrants can join a race after it has started but their start time will be the same as everyone that joined on time. However once a race has been ended by the race creator, you will not be able to update your status and your status will reflect that.

Bugs and problems will occur during this testing. If you do not see the correct controls during the race, try to refresh the page to get things back in synced. If you still have issues or want to report other bugs found, please use the Discord server and post in the bugs channel.

Thank you and enjoy!

Mario Maker Monday - Race Accouncement!
   jaku on July 18th 2016 @ 9:00pm

Welcome iateyourpie viewers! If you are coming here, chances are it is because you are interested in the Mario Maker Monday races! As you may or may not know the rules require you to have a Makers of Mario account, account, and a Super Mario Bookmark site account which you must link to your MoM account. We have made the process fairly easy for you, just register your account on our site and wait for the activation email. If you do not receive the email within 5 minutes, feel free to ping one of our staff members on the Discord channel.

Once you have an account and are logged in, you should get prompted to link your Super Mario Bookmark cookie. The process can be a little intimidating, however if you have FFZ installed, you can get your cookie for the bookmark site in a not so intimdating fashion. Simply go to a streamer that is currently playing Super Mario Maker and uses Warp.World to manage their queue. I highly suggest this guy jaku he made most of this possible and is writing this sentence right now. ;)

Once you are on a page that has those requirements you should see the Warp Whistle. Clicking on that will give you some information about the Queue but the important tab to look for is "About". Clicking on that will give you 2 more buttons you can click on but the important one is labeled "SMM Bookmark Cookie". Go ahead and click on that, it will give an additional dialog box that will have your cookie selected for you. Simply copy this value and paste it into the dialog box that popped up on Makers of Mario after you first signed in. If for some reason the box went away, either refreshing the main home page or going to your profile and clicking on the grayed out Mario Maker icon under your name will bring it back up. Also if you get an error, try pasting it a 2nd time. If you continue to have errors, please let staff know on the Discord.

Sometimes the Bookmark site has trouble responding and the "SMM Bookmark Cookie" icon will be grayed out, creating a Warp.World account will typically force an update and the button will no longer be grayed out. So give this a shot if you continue to have issues.

Sidenote: If you are a Warp.World user, the site should be able to recognize that automagically and can link your account with your permission and ease.

Now that you have the hard part out of the way, you can link your Twitch account which is a much easier process. Again go to your profile page and click on the grayed out Twitch icon. This will then ask you to allow some basic Twitch permissions and once you accept, it should send you back to your profile page.

Finally all you must do now is sign up for the race. You can do so by going on over to Mario Maker Monday Signups. Be sure to read and understand all the rules before you enter. After you are signed up be sure to continue to watch iateyourpie and check back here for more information.

SGDQ 2016
   jaku on July 8th 2016 @ 7:45pm

Welcome SGDQ viewers! Welcome to We have the SGDQ Race levels setup as a world for you to the left. We also have an awesome new plugin that you may have noticed! It gives you a lot more information on the levels being played by streamers! You can find it it on the Google Chrome store. Warp World Cookie Book (name not final). Firefox plugin coming soon. :)

Server Load
   jaku on June 27th 2016 @ 5:45pm

We did many tests for load, and while we thought we were ready, it turns out the site has a much bigger demand than we had anticipated! We already had another server mostly setup, but were not expecting so much traffic on day 2 of our site. So we will be finishing up the details on that server and migrating things tonight. If you have issue with the site, we invite you to hang out in the Discord for the latest news and updates, but we will be migrating the server tonight to hopefully handle the traffic going forward.

Thank you all so much!

Open Beta
  jaku on June 26th 2016 @ 11:35am

We have finally reached the open beta. While much of the functionality of the site is completed, we still have some features we are working on. However at this time, we need to have as many testers as possible to test the load of the server. We had over 130 initial closed beta testers and we can't thank them enough for their hardwork in helping us track down some bugs and giving us some initial feedback on the site.

With that said, I'd like to give you all some information on the background of Makers of Mario, as well as provide some insight on some of the features we developed and the reasoning behind it.

Makers of Mario was an idea that was first thought up around the AGDQ 2016. We had these ideas of races, and worlds and way's to share videos and comments on levels all in one place. We had some other ideas as well, and while you don't see them right now, we do plan to release some new features in the coming weeks that I think you will all like. However, the main idea that you do see is the worlds feature. So I'm gonna talk abit about those as they caused the most discussion between our beta testers and our team.

These are collections of levels, they can all be your levels, or you can make a collection of your favorite creators levels and put them all in once place. You can even bookmark each level at once (if you link your cookie). This is the number one request we hear from everyone and is a topic that is posted on /r/mariomaker at least once a week it seems. Now, many people have their own idea of how these should be created or managed. When we first thought of this feature we were at a Speedrunning event, so to us we wanted to be able to find out who the best is at a set of Worlds. So our Worlds when created, cannot be modified. We want to encourage players to fight for the top spot on Worlds and speed past each other breaking eachother records, so for this we cannot let a user modify a World once it is published. To do so would take away one of the features we seeing being a crowd favorite. We do have another feature similar to worlds that you may like coming soon, but it isn't ready just yet. ;)

Now you may be asking, but isn't that what races is for? And to that, I say... no. Races are similar but not the same and you shall see when they launch soon.

Anyways, I digress and the majority of you won't make it down this far anyways. So with that all I can say is to get the most out of the site, you are going to need to Link your Mario Maker Bookmark cookie (don't worry we have a better solution in the works), and get a Warp.World account and link that to the site as well.

If you wish to add bugs or suggestions, feel free to sign up for your own free account to do so. You can find all of that information here:

We will continue to closely monitor the Online Issue Tracker and the #bugs channel on our official Discord Server (The link is located in the lower-right of this website).

Issue Tracking and Feedback
  triwave on June 11th 2016 @ 12:35am

So far, we have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the amount of feedback we have received. To keep everything organized, we opened up a public GitHub Repo for those who wish to follow the progress of certain features and or bugs.

You can find all of that information here: If you wish to add bugs or suggestions, feel free to sign up for your own free account to do so.

We will continue to closely monitor the Online Issue Tracker and the #bugs channel on our official Discord Server (The link is located in the lower-right of this website).

Welcome to the launch of Makers of Mario!
  triwave on June 9th 2016 @ 4:34pm

We would first off like to thank all of you who have been patiently awaiting this launch. Our development team has sacrificed the small amount of time throughtout their busy lives and full time jobs to help make this happen. Although we do hope for a smooth launch, there will always be:

  • Bugs that must be squashed
  • Features that will need to be developed
Throughout these early stages, we kindly ask that you make full advantage of all the tools available to you within this portal and provide any valuable suggestions and feedback that you wish to share. Be sure to check out our Discord, and post any bugs in the appropriate channel. Otherwise have fun and we can't wait to see what you end up creating!