Help and FAQ

Bookmarks and Cookies

Why do I have to provide my cookie?

Unfortunately Nintendo does not give us any other way to link your account to the page. We could ask for your NNID and password, but we feel this is the safest method currently!

What does giving you my cookie give Makers of Mario access too?

By giving us your cookie data, we are able to access your information on the Super Mario Makers Bookmark site. This data consists of:

  • Confirming cleared levels
  • Personal Best Times on completed levels
  • Viewing and Modifing your Bookmarks
  • Friends who play SMM

Things we can NOT do

  • View/Change your password
  • Delete your levels
  • Comment on levels
  • Purchase eShop titles

How do I get my cookie to give to you?

  • Login to the Bookmark Page -
  • Use Edit This Cookie Plugin -
  • Find the "_supermariomakerbookmark_session=" cookie and copy that value.
  • Paste that value into our form, it will look something "VNDVGc3djZIMitzUERPK3EwYVM5ZU52UW%3D%3D--a0360c2fsd9g2iurfas9wgfia".
  • That's it!
  • We are working on a better system for this. Thank you!
  • You can also watch this video by NerdOrDie who made a tutorial on how to do this for Warp.World Video

World Records / Personal Bests / Levels

Where are my levels?

Levels are added as quickly as we can. When you link your account your NNID will get put into a queue where we will then start to gather your level information. This can be a slow process for multiple reasons. If you need a level to be added right away you can always goto and replace the INSERT_LEVEL_CODE_HERE with the actual levelcode of your level and it will import it right away.

Why isn't my record on a level page?

You must first link your bookmark cookie in-order for us to attempt to get your level clears and personal bests. However if you did this and you have a Personal Best on the Nintendo site, but it is not updating on our site, it is most likely due to our caching system. Instead of requesting new level information from Nintendo everytime a user vists a levelpage on our site, we check to see when the level was last updated and if we have made too many requests recently. We do this for a number of reasons, the 2 main reasons are for speed and courtesy. Nintendo takes around 2 seconds to provide us with data about a level, if we requested data everytime it would overall make our site look slower. The 2nd reason is because of the amount of requests we could make to the Nintendo servers, we don't want to waste connections to their server and have them block our connections. By keeping our connections lower they are less likely to ban us from gathering data.

Why are so few users listed on a leaderboard for a level?

They only way to get a players personal best is if that user linked their cookie. However, even if they linked their cookie, we have no easy way to go out and update every level that they cleared. Since many of the players here have cleared over 1,000 levels, we would need to make over 1,000 unique requests to the Nintendo bookmark site when they sign up and link their cookie. As more users sign up and link their cookies these requests would only grow. Additionally it takes around 2 seconds for the Nintendo servers to reply with data. So it would take over 30 minutes of requests to their servers for 1,000 levels.

So instead we try to update the level as that user views the page. Sometimes the page will still be in cached mode due to too many requests being sent to the Nintendo servers and so we won't be able to update the stats. However, we are working on ways to improve this and looking into other solutions that will give us more up to date information for all levels and user data.


Why is searching slow?

We are always trying to improve this, but the short of it is that we have almost 500,000 levels and when you are searching it is looking for a match in the creator name, levelname, and even the level descriptions. So this can take time, we are doing what we can to improve this. Additionally, better search options are coming, a lot of the back end code is done we just need to make a nice interface for you to use.

Why can't I sort a search?

This is currently planned but isn't implemented yet. If you want better search results try to use more words the help your match.

Additional Features

We have many new features and improvement that we are working on, here is just a small list of what we plan to release in the comming weeks.

  • Race Mode
  • Custom 100 Man (Filter by stars, clears, difficulty, etc.)
  • Collections (Similar to Worlds but editable after published)
  • Contests (Create your own contest and allow users to submit levels)
  • Much much more!